Invited Speaker: Emma Hewitt

Impact and challenges of the changing KT Landscape


We certainly live in interesting and challenging times! KT Offices across the UK are facing immense change and pressure from both internal and external forces. Funding for our flagship KT Programme Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is reducing not growing despite high demand from businesses who recognise the need to innovate to beat recessionary impact. What do we need to do differently to adapt and survive this new landscape? What are the opportunities going forward?

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Based within the University of Plymouth's Research and Innovation Directorate, as Head of Knowledge Transfer and Business Development I am responsible for the strategic direction and management of knowledge transfer activities and external business development.

I have worked for the University for over 12 years and during that time, grown the KT portfolio (including KTP and graduate internships) and expanded my remit to include responsibilities for commercial marketing, sales, the business enquiry service and customer relationship management. Passionately committed 'for the good of KTP', I have actively supported the KTP National Forum as Secretary and was last year elected as Chair. The Forum plays a key role in acting as a collective joined up voice for the KTP Office community across the UK. I am also an active member in the South West KTP Regional Group.

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