Call for Papers and Presentations

KT-Challenges will feature presentations on work in progress, and completed projects. We welcome presentations on the success stories of KT, showing the benefits it can bring.

We invite presentations on a range of KT-related topics:-

  • Case studies of successful knowledge transfer projects
  • Examples of best practice in respect of knowledge transfer from practitioners
  • Innovative knowledge transfer mechanisms
  • The outcomes and results of knowledge transfer projects
  • Management of knowledge transfer : Development of knowledge transfer policy


Each presentation should be 15 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes for questions, and may be accompanied by powerpoint.

A data projector and laptop will be provided for the presentation.

Please bring the presentation with you on a flash drive.

You may have a 200 word abstract of the paper included in the programme - please send this as an MS Word document.


A paper of up to about 6 pages in length may be submitted in addition to the presentation. Presentations and papers will be published as a volume of the KES Open Access Library, freely available on the internet, giving them high visibility.

Papers should be produced according to the instructions and example to be found .. here ..

Short papers presented at KT-Challenges may also be extended into full papers for presentation at the next 'Innovation though Knowledge Transfer' conference in April 2012 in Bournemouth.

  • Sheffield Hallam University

  • IKT Challenges Special in Exchange Magazine
  • IKT Exchange magazine special on ChallengeKT coming soon...