Workshop Sessions

We offer three workshops at the conference, run in parallel, between 15.30 and 16.30 on the day. You will need to choose one of the three to attend.

W1: Your KTP Office .. Much More Than a One Trick Pony

Geoff Archer, Emma Detchon and Elaine Hooker, Teeside University

Summary of Workshop Content -
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W2: Creating Skills for Better Commercialisation of (Academic) Ideas

John Henderson and Ian Holmes, CTech Innovation

Summary of Workshop Content

In a competitive world where universities have to attract students, balance fundamental and applied research, and demonstrate “impact” the UK’s HEIs have to capitalize evermore on their often world leading status. This workshop will explore potential approaches to addressing gaps in the exploitation of IP, and consequent low commercialization rates for ideas, lost opportunities and revenue. The focus will be on new skills, mindsets, and models for knowledge and technology transfer which can help researchers pursue their scientific interests while at the same time producing high impact results, and industrialists to more readily transfer knowledge into a commercial context.

The Presenters

John Henderson’s career has been spent addressing the challenges of business innovation and knowledge transfer from various angles. An experienced trainer, workshop leader and facilitator, he develops and delivers group and individual development approaches in innovation and creativity for business leaders and management teams. With a background in senior R&D roles in the polymer chemicals industry, John has a long standing passion for embedding the processes of innovation and change in all businesses, and has worked with businesses of every size, from SMEs to major PLCs including Unilever and Vodaphone.

Ian Holmes is an enthusiastic problem solver and project manager with an engineering background. He has worked in the armed forces, the outdoor activity and training world and as manager in industry. He has developed a varied and individual approach to leadership, management styles and problem solving. He has been involved with innovation support, funding and technology transfer for a number of years.

W3: The Knowledge Transfer Professional's Toolkit: A workshop dedicated to practical instruments to create successful knowledge transfer

Thorsten Kliewe, Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Summary of Workshop Content

The workshop “The Knowledge Transfer Professional's Toolkit: A workshop dedicated to practical instruments to create successful knowledge transfer” will bring together academics and practitioners involved in knowledge and technology transfer to share latest knowledge and experiences, and especially tools on how to successfully establish, develop and manage university- industry relationships. Following a short introduction to set the scene for the main part of the workshop – the presentation of various practical instruments to be used to optimize knowledge transfer at universities and other research organizations. The set of instruments presented range from strategic instruments to be used on management level (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys in university-industry relationships, or a three level approach to structuring technology transfer activities) to more practical instruments (e.g. 1-on-1 project opportunity workshops or a technology evaluation tool) for those actually transferring technologies and/or developing relationships with businesses. Overall, the short presentation of several practical instruments will give participants food for thought to be taken home and discussed with their colleagues.

The Presenter

Thorsten Kliewe is a researcher at the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre at Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) in Germany as well as a Managing Partner of its spin-off company apprimo. At MUAS, Thorsten is primary tasked with research, teaching and industry projects in the field of innovation and commercialisation. Before starting his PhD covering value creation in university-industry relationships in 2008, Thorsten joined Deloitte Australia’s Innovation Acceleration Team (IAT) where he played an active part in the commercialisation of a data visualisation software as well as in the redevelopment of Deloitte’s idea management software.

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